Week 6: Master Key Experience – The Love Shack Scroll

I remember when my daughter was younger and going through school; for me there was always a sadness when the school year ended and summer vacation began, and vice-versa.  I was accustomed to the routine and activities of the season and when that season changed there was anxiety and sadness (and maybe even some fear) of what the new season would bring.  I felt that way again as we moved from Scroll #1 to Scroll #2 in Og Mandino’s book, the Greatest Salesman.  But after the first reading, those feelings of fear and anxiety vanished instantly because it’s all about the LOVE!  Que the B-52’s and sing along with me…

The Love Scroll is a little ol’ scroll that we can sing together.  Love scroll, baby.  Love scroll baby!  That’s where it’s at!

Alright, now that all of us Elvis impersonators have landed safely from our parachute jump into Soldier’s Field, let me recap Week 6.

We’ve moved into multiple and deeply different ways of influencing the subconscious mind this week.  The amazing fact that we can actually influence our subconscious mind and reset our blue print to one that we choose is so important for us to keep in mind.  We are finding the ability of “touching” or reaching the creative part of our frontal lobe within these last few weeks; that is, if we’ve been faithful and shown fidelity to the exercises, and not merely painting by the numbers and checking off the to-do list.  Noticing and pausing to observe what’s going on and connecting/linking the shapes and feelings, realizing the experience of creating that new blue print, visualizing and letting it wash over us rather than just doing the assignments and checking them off the list.

FEEL the experience!  Let it wash over us, and really feel the experience, not only feeling what it will be like to achieve our DMP and being a part of a master mind, but that we’re participating in our life right now.  The moments that we’re stringing together with our study of Haanel and the exercises – is an experience, so let’s be in the experience, while simultaneously being an observer.  This is such a remarkable opportunity for all of us to discover our true self and our own true gifts.  We were given life for a purpose, created for a purpose, and as soon as we find our gifts, the purpose becomes clearer and clearer, and it’s thrilling to come to this realization through the MKEMMA.  Mark encourages us, with enthusiasm, to keep it vital, dig in, dig deep, do our best not the best we can.  Winners do their best; losers do the best they can.

Haanel 6:7 – “We are accustomed to examining the mechanism of the implements which we use for tilling the soil, and we try to get an understanding of the automobile which we drive, but most of us are content to remain in absolute ignorance of the greatest piece of mechanism which has ever come into existence, the brain of man.”  Most people will never come to discover this, or experience their true bliss – what a terrible thing it would be for us to come to the cusp of this knowledge ourselves and decline to create a life of elegance and opulence effortlessly, so let’s dig in!  Let’s learn how to harness this power and use it for the greater good.  We’re standing on the threshold of greatness. 

Wooden says that greatness is when someone maximizes their potential.  We all have different but equal gifts.  We just need to find our own personal gifts and do our best.

Let’s discuss the metaphors – have you bought into them yet?  We need to live by them.

  1. Our Life’s Movie – we are the author, screen writer & director of our life, and like all movies, we need a poster.  Our movie poster (not a dream board) will give our DMP vitality if we’ve been doing the exercises of what our life will look like.  Link the shapes to our goals (shapes/colors/feelings). When we see the shapes around the house or outside in daily life, we’ll see of the movie poster and the feelings FLOOD back to us instantly.  Build it with your heart – yeah, baby, yeah!
  2. Compass – This represents our Darma or DMP.  We are either living by the clock or by the compass.  It’s the pathway to our bliss, our purpose, it’s our hearts desire, follow it!  Don’t let it get old.  It tells the old blue print to take a hike as the new blue print gets clearer and clearer.

Haanel 6:18 – “The man who looks within instead of without cannot fail to make use of the mighty forces which will eventually determine the course of his life, and so, bring him into vibration with all that is best, strongest and most desirable.”

We’re providing ourselves multiple ways to create an earnest, burning desire; the first step of three steps of acquiring the power.  We’re surrounding ourself with constant interruptions to the old blue print and creating an earnest demand that will protect us from the old blueprint, inducing the marvelous power within us. 

AND, we need to master mind with ourself to bring the best out in ourselves – Guy in The Glass exercise; face him/her every night and ask ‘Did you do your best today?’  If we can we say ‘We did okay, we did a good job today’, then we’ve done well; and, we should always say ‘I love you (state your full name, not like in Blazing Saddles)’.  When we start do our best, we’ll be looking forward to seeing him/her every night.

I love you, brother.

Week 5: Master Key Experience – Beam us up to the Holodeck, Scotty!!!

If I’m remembering correctly, the television show Star Trek, aired on Friday evenings.  It was a family event that we loved.  And to make it even better, Friday was pizza night as our house – high fives and belly bumps!  Great times, great memories, and from Week 5, we talking about holodecks – a fictional device from the Star Trek series which was basically a virtual reality stage.  Imagine that.

Alright, Scotty, hit the thrusters, warp 17, give us all you got so we can recap Week 5.

We’ve completed one month so far.  Keeping fidelity to the exercises lead us to becoming the observer and we are feeding are minds constantly in different ways.  Exercising faith is part of the experience, giving us faith in ourself and in the material.

We see our subby is a Holodeck and we’re in charge of it.  We’re creating a new blue print and we’re trying to get a clear picture in our mind of our DMP.  How do we take charge of our subby?

There are three (3) key components that Haanel discusses in 5:16, we must:

  1. Earnestly desire it (have a burning desire)
  2. Assert our claim to the power we have – the power to able to influence our subby so the decisions being made are made from a context that we design, not the ones we’ve been taught by through other influences or influencers
  3. Take possession of it

MKA guides are illustrating and pointing out the physical stuff (cards, colors, shapes…) but trying not to influence us; leaving us to be self-directed and make our own discoveries for ourselves (think for ourselves).

The answers that we find within us are ours and ours alone.

When reading our DMP and cards – don’t forget feeling!!!  Try to place yourself in a state of mind where we feel it because the thought linked to feeling is what will create the belief.  The purpose of the exercises is to help us to build a burning or earnest desire, 24/7.

The cool thing is giving it away.

Haanel 5:25 – once we’ve tapped this power, and we must earnestly desire this power, we’ll be able to attain it, and we’ll never have fear of losing it.  Once we understand Emerson’s law, we’ll never have that fear again, we’ll be incredibly secure.   Anything that moves out will be replaced by something bigger – unlike we’ve been taught, the more you give away, the stronger it gets; the more love you give away, the stronger it gets.   

We’ll write a press release this week, chroniclaing your DMP as if it already has happened. 

Share what it feels like to fulfilled our DMP.  Describe everything, all details, this is a movie from the point of the future.

Change the Chore card to a Service card – it’s more appealing to serve than to do chores.

Shapes are random.  Compounding effect will give us a powerful holodeck, faster. 

Greeks – did he have passion.

Read service card and DMP with PASSION.

Thoughts that fire together, wire together.  In the MK forward, thoughts held over and over again, have a chemical or physical reaction inside the body which changes it.  Haanel had insight beyond what was known at the time.  The compounding affect of the cards, the effortlessness in the transition from the holodeck (the picture we’re starting to get clearer and clearer in our mind) to our new reality is huge.

Let’s talk about the sit.  Things start to change dramatically in weeks 4 and 5.

Picture in our mind thoughts and then sequences of things giving vitality to thoughts which will accelerate the acceptance inside our subby.

Imagine a place of positive wonderful feelings about a particular experience we’ve had and link it to the feelings you had; get a clear picture and drag that mindset into the article (press release).

If you knew you could dramatically change to alter our thoughts, there would be no hesitation, right?   

Emerson’s Law of compensation – read it weekly.  All the wealth in all 13 areas of life will come when you accept the law.  All we’ve invested is on the line, if you don’t, you basically don’t trust the world.

Once you put the E-law and the MK together – it’s game over!

No opinions this week.  It’s just ego and self-validation and we don’t need that.  Only give it if asked for it and you’re an expert.  Deflect and engage politely, like Switzerland.  We’re trying to self-discover and one of the things we’ll discover is that we’ve full of opinions; notice your thoughts, you still give them in your head.

Opinion is ego and it blocks the flow to the greater good.  No more opinions.

Switch to the next scroll on the first of the month.  Write down a brief key thought from #1 on page one of Scroll #2 – it will recall the entire Scroll #1, and start to connect the important points scrolls together.


As the “pure truth” of the scrolls are consumed by my subby, I wake every morning with a vitality I have never known before.  My vigor increases, my enthusiasm rises, my desire to meet the world overcomes every fear I once knew at sunrise, and I am happier than I ever believed it to be possible.

And just for a little fun…….

I started this rumor in 2000:  What is the most quoted phrase from the Star Trek TV series?  Answer: “He’s dead, Jim!”

Have you heard it yet?

Week 4: Master Key Experience – I QUIT!!!

My favorite uncle, Uncle Jerry, was a Lt. Colonel in the Army, he has the quickest wit and a strong repertoire of jokes and one liners.  One of them struck me this week: “They told things could get worse, and it did!”.  It already feels like swimming upstream as it is, and our coach just called us out, step up to the call, or hit the bricks.  I’m sticking around; quit slacking and start supplying 100% until the end.

Alright, Turkey Neck, let’s recap Week 4.

This is a big week.  This is the week where everyone quits.  We quit the course entirely, or we quit giving 70, 80, 90 % and go all in at 100%.  Only two types of people are left in the class.  Who am I?  It’s a “shattering” chapter in terms about of what we’ve been led to believe about who we are, who I am.  It’s the discovery that really begins shattering the cement Buddha in chapter 4 that really brings us to the point of throwing all-in at 100%.  The cement is shattered (the beliefs that we’ve held to) and we discover our golden selves beneath those beliefs – it’s like, Bammm, they’re gone.      

Mark encourages us to really, really (Really, really, Shriek? Really, really, Donkey) think about the “I” in our sit.  This is week 4, and it’s the last week where we’re trying to relax our bodies and clear our mind.  So, think about this: We are not our body, and we are not our brain; this is really is the pathway away from those other peoples’ ideas for us, away from the golden Buddha, and the pathway to great self-discovery.

It’s in this spot that we move away from being fearful victims to fearless victors.  It doesn’t mean that we overcome fear, but we are without fear.  And we become fearless victors.  It’s the call to action from our soul!  Our soul wants us to resurrect it, to rescue it, to unleash it on ourselves and our entire being, and it becomes tattooed all over us and we become transparent to the transcendent, and we become that light we were intended to be (let your light shine). 

The one and only sentence in Mark’s copy of Haanel’s MKE book, which he has highlighted is 4:12 – “Unless you do this, you had better not do it start it all, because modern psychology tells us when we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure; absolute, ignominious failure.  If you do not intend to do a thing, do not start it; if you do start it, see it through even if the heavens fall; if you make up your mind to do something, do it; let nothing, no one interfere; the ‘I’ in you [your real being, who you’re really intending to be] had has determined, the thing is settled; the die is cast, there is no longer any argument.”   

So, we’re starting with little things like reading the Blue Print Builder, once a day, every day, out loud, and we see it through for 6-months, afterwards it doesn’t matter what we then decide what we’re going to do, it will be the actions necessary to get the objectives that we want.

Bottom line, we’re always training our brain.  The point of the index cards and the simple chore is to build a new habit.  Then we’ll up the ante.

We thought it, we defined it, we wrote it, we read it, we promised it, and we did it; the subby doesn’t know size.  

Back to the boxes: [thought + feeling = belief] => action => result

This [blue print], our subby, that runs our entire physical body flawlessly, doesn’t know the difference between reading the BBP or building a house at the beach.

This is so huge.  Commit to being enthusiastic.   

When you complete a service, keep reading it through Sunday, celebrate it, link the feeling of accomplishment to it, it doesn’t matter size, and link completing what you wrote to the PPN’s on the other side of card. 

My subby sees every thing and it’s constantly wiring in the new blue print.

Programming what?  A Habit.  Read, write, promise and do.

Getting emotional about it will drive it deep into the subby.  We’re influencing (KEY) the subconscious mind. 

Chores no more; they are now services.  It feels better doing a service versus a chore.  Same act, but by calling it something else, we’re creating an entirely different response in the subconscious mind,

From Haanel, 4:26,27, “…it is evident that in order to express power, abundance, or any other constructive purpose, the emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so it will take form. How may we develop the faith, the courage, the feeling, which will result in this accomplishment?  The reply is, by exercise; mental strength is secured in exactly the same way physical strength is secured, by exercise.”

Creating good habits are good mental strength.  We think something with difficulty at first, after repetition, they get easier, and it becomes a mental habit, until it becomes automatic.  We are sure we know it.  Pulling psychological triggers around the new blue print that want – developing a new neuro pathway.  If you think it, write it, read it, promise it, do it – it’ll just happen because the subby doesn’t now size.          


Week 3: Master Key Experience – Mind is Cause (this is key!)

Remember when you waited in line, sometimes for hours, inching closer, step by step, line by line, turn by turn, finally you’re close enough, you see the people getting off, some look dazed and holding their head or stomach, their faces full of joyful shock and awe, some stumble for balance – it’s if they had experienced something, something so life changing, something like they have never experienced before.  The ANTICIPATION grows.   You’ve jockeyed into your chosen position, the gates open, the attendant bids you to pass, and you move with ENTHUSIASM to get INTO that ROLLER COASTER.  But wait, what if you got to that point when the gates opened and you thought “I can’t do this!  What the heck was I thinking?!!  How do I get out?!!!  JANE, stop this crazy thing!!!”.  Well, there’s always an emergency exit, or in this case, a life escape, right?  And that’s okay.  It’s cool.  I’ve done that.  I’ve done that many times before. 

Yeah, my old blue print was tugging really hard during the third week of MKMMA. But dammit, I’m getting to the finish line this time.  Failure no longer is my payment for struggle.  And as the MKMMA roller coaster jerked to a start, making that long, slow, gut wrenching ascent to the top, I’m anxious and nervous, but full of wonder and anticipation.  Breathe, don’t forget to breathe….

Alright, Onion Boy, let’s break it down…. Week 3.

We’re going to eliminate procrastination effortlessly.  The exercises are CRUCIAL if we want to experience effortlessness when it comes to change, and that’s when life really gets exciting!  We get to make change effortlessly instead of struggling and being frustrated with our own resistance to ideas; GRIND on, Leon, stay harmonious, Thelonious, and consistent with the easy tasks and notice the links between Hill, Haanel and Mandino.

John Wooden, famous coach, said don’t do the best you can, that’s what losers do, DO YOUR BEST!  Greatness is doing your best with the potential you’ve been given.  John’s famous Pyramid of Success had the foundational corners of Industriousness and ENTHUSIAM.  Industriousness means you’ve got to do the work.  If these two cornerstones are in play, the other stuff on the triangle will fill in; it’s just the acquisition and application of knowledge. 

So, it’s time to dig in and do the work, it might seem like a lot (and it does), but in two to six weeks, depending on our personality, our openness, and the amount of resistance from our old blueprint, we’re going to have more time than we ever believed possible because we’re going to be free of all of the little mini dramas we create in our lives that give us the false feeling of being alive; absent the drama, we’ll be more interested in living a life of purpose, on purpose. 

To do this, we need to get precise words in our DMP because words are the highest form of architecture – the passport to success!  Make it perfect!  We’re building a new reality.  Think of it as building a new house; would you “wing it”, or would it be precise?  We are writing our own autobiography and it hasn’t happed yet, make it great, make it precise.  We’ll make a movie trailer version of our DMP and write it on the back of the color code card.  Include feelings, dates and smart goals.  Eliminate the word “will” from the DMP and readings (cross it out physically, or mentally read around it).  Every month we read the scroll as it’s written and the last two weeks of the month, we’ll read the scroll without the word “will”. 

It’s so empowering because it increases concentration – It’s all about focus and concentration; whatever our attention is turned to determines our intention.  This offers the subby some direction.  Not only is the conscious mind a protector or a vigilant guardsman at the gate, but now it’s providing direction to the subby.  As we’re reading, we’re making different choices with the word, we’re not following like sheep anymore, we’re creating an additional change, like that (snap!), proving to ourselves that change is possible and we’re going to CONTROL what comes into the subby.  As we do this and alter the text, we realize that finally, after all these years, we’re using our conscious mind correctly – as a vigilant guardsman at the gate and deciding what gets to the subby and what doesn’t.  If we can override ourselves, we can override anybody or anything – news shows or people and their opinion – annnt, you don’t have to let it in (Can’t touch this!).

We need to get emotional because without emotionally charging the thought, we won’t be able to drive the belief deep into the subby and create the new blueprint.  Hill’s studies show the only path to authentic enthusiasm (not fake) is through imagination.  Hill, Haanel, Mandino and M&D want us to use the frontal lobe, that creative part of the brain, where we are creating our DMP, creating a new experience, and we can attach any feeling to it we want, if we don’t, the old blueprint will override it.

Mind is cause – that’s the key!  So, we need to write our DMP with eloquent language (we’re causing our new eloquent blueprint) to determine the result (world without).

Imagination is the only path to enthusiasm, belief is going to come off of that imagination, and it develops must faster if we charge it with FEELING.  By reading it often and peppering it into the subby over and over and over again, the subby (that mysterious source that never sleeps and makes me act in ways I do not comprehend) picks it up and intuitively starts to make decisions for me that are in my best interest with zero effort.  Hill says in 3:22:  Mentally concentrate on the object of your desire; when you are concentrating you are impressing the subby.  So, when we’re reading out DMP, get mental pictures of it, and make them clearer and clearer, with feelings about how it will feel to have our PPN’s met.  Trust the index card exercises, and LINK, LINK, LINK.  Read the DMP 3x per day like our lives depend upon it (because our future lives do depend on it) and LINK, LINK, LINK , the colors and shapes to chores and PPN’s – when I see blue rectangle, I think about spiritual growth….what it’s really doing is giving our conscious mind a breather, because when we fill our mind with these shapes and colors, our mind can only hold one thought at a time, so our conscious mind gets a breather. 

Fill your mind with the things that you would love to see happen in your life, and the things that you would love to see happen in your life will show up.


Week 2: Master Key Experience – Clarity Breeds Mastery

First, a brief recap of Week #1 (since I didn’t get all of this in my first blog): We learned the importance of controlling our physical bodies – if we can’t control our bodies, we will never be able to control our minds.  We sit still [don’t you dare scratch that itch on your nose] for at least 15 minutes after prescribed readings from Charles Haanel (The Master Key), our Blue Print Builder (excerpts from Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill), Og Mandino (The World’s Greatest Salesman), and our very own DMP (Definite Major Purpose).  My DMP was sent to the “shop” getting some major rework done to it!  During that 15-minute sit your mind is flooded with thoughts, all sorts of thoughts: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We also learned about creating a new blue print – that is, charging feelings to our thoughts, creating new beliefs.  The cumulative or compounding effect of all gain is the result of an accumulative consciousness, all loss is the result of scattering consciousness. 

Week 2 (really-really, Donkey)

We want to go back to the future when we were kids when we were open to the field of pure potentiality when we thought we could be President or a baseball player; we were open to discovery, and that opened our mind because of honesty, open mindedness and willingness.  Haanel says that our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.  Our true interests are called personal pivotal needs (PPN’s).  There are seven PPN’s and they are things that are actually oxygen for our soul.  So, we will create our definiteness of purpose (DMP) around our PPN’s, and then our difficulties, most if not all of them, will start to disappear because we won’t be confused anymore about our true interests.  We’ll get to know our PPN’s on a much deeper level – what do you think your deepest needs are so that you’re living a life with purpose, on purpose, of purpose?  We need PASSION to sustain the building of a new realty – the rediscovery of this incredible entity that you are, and carving out a manifestation that’s a reflection of the beauty that you were born with.  And it comes from discovering our authentic needs and getting them met in an appropriate way.

In sentence 13, Haanel states that the conscious mind can not only impress other minds, it can direct the subconscious mind; in this way it becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind.  It is this high function which can completely REVERSE conditions in your life. 

In sentence 14, Haanel says “It is often true that conditions of fear, worry, poverty, disease, inharmony and evils of all kinds dominate us by reason of false suggestions accepted by the unguarded subconscious mind.  All this the trained conscious mind can prevent by its vigilant protective action.  It may be properly called ‘the watchman at the gate’ of the great subconscious domain.”

Why is this important?  Because the world without, the circumstances of our life, is a perfect reflection of the world within.  We have a thought charged with a feeling which creates a belief; this is what’s known as the internal blueprint (Mark), or the world within (Haanel) or the mysterious mind which never sleeps (Mandino) – they are all talking about the subconscious mind (aka subby).  Our conscious mind needs to place a firewall of protection around the subby to guard against false (wrong) suggestions.  The easiest way to do this is to keep our mind busy with the right type of suggestions because our subby is really the seat of habit that determines the actions and results (the world without).  We want to use the things (methods) we’re learning from Haanel and Mandino, to feed truths and principles repetitiously, aloud and with enthusiasm, to influence Subby because Subby has no defense against our voice. 

Most people think this way:  Stimulus – Choice – Response.  THIS IS FALSE!  Ego makes you think you have a choice, but you don’t.  Subby makes all the decisions and is the context of the response:  Stimulus – Response.  The “choice” is in your Subby; we have the choice (or ability) to influence Subby with these methods.  We will learn and use these methods to affect the world within to affect the world without and create our new reality.

Pay attention to the chore cards!!!  Because of the compounding affect they have; especially, the index cards, shapes and colors.  We’re helping ourselves to re-train our brains.  We’re not just eliminating bad habits like procrastination but setting up a new neuro pathway where thoughts that fire together tend to wire together, creating this new pathway or habit.  It’s a secret of how to get things done effortlessly. 

We are developing the habit of doing something really special:  writing something down reading it and doing it. 

Keep reading the chore card even after the completion of the chore:

  • I promise to sweep the garage by 10/11
  • Blue Rectangle,
  • Promise those PPN’s (mine are Spiritual Growth and True Health); I promise those things for myself
  • I always keep my promises,
  • Deep breathe in,
  • I accomplished it, I accomplished it –

All you need to do to accomplish your dream is something pretty simple:  write down a plan, and execute the plan.  So, we’re training our mind with little things first and then we’ll get better.  We want to link getting something to the PPN’s; the subby doesn’t know squat or how they are related, we’re going to create that relationship, accomplishing a goal, getting those PPN’s and keeping promises.  The subby doesn’t know size or argue; we’re beginning to be the carver of a new neuro pathway around our plan, promise and execution.  All we have to do is add feeling; that’s how we can trick our subconscious mind, it runs all my cells, functions, heart, organs, etc., and as brilliant as it is, it’s as dumb as a rock.  It’s going to do what I tell it to do, with habit. 

When we see rectangle, think blue.  When we see blue, think rectangle.  What does this link to?  We link both of these to “Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now, Do-It Now!”, or the little chore that I’ve written out.  When we notice, link the chore, and link the chore to the PPN.  Sweeping the garage is going to get me Spiritual Growth and True Health; all I’m going to do later is change those words.

Use unbridled enthusiasm when reading the

  • Master Key Questions (1x per day)
  • Blue Print Builder (1x per day)
  • Greatest Salesman (3x per day)
  • DMP or Darma (3x per day)
  • Chore Card / PPN Card (3x per day)

The daily readings are going to create a compound affect, that will bring us back to the future, our belief value will be high, and we’ll have the mechanisms in our minds, activated that will manifest that new internal blueprint.

On to Week 3 – It’s going to be GREAT!

Week 1: Master Keys Experience – A Hero’s Journey Begins

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

And so, it begins (if not now, when?!), my six-month long journey of self-discovery that will lead to a new reality.  Week 1 of the Master Keys Experience (MKE) started this last Sunday, 9/27/2020.  The creators of the program, Mark and Davene Januszewski, successfully guided about 100 strangers from across the globe including myself through a week-long process of applying for a paid-for scholarship into the program.  Just the effort of getting the application submitted correctly and on time was a Herculean effort for myself (whew!) and gives me concern and consternation (delete these words from your vocabulary!) of what it will actually take to complete this six-month journey.  But the testimonials of previous sojourners give me hope that I too can accomplish this task.  Webster’s definition of hope is ‘a feeling that what is wanted will happen’, fair enough, but Mark points out that hope is not a strategy – I like that!  We’ll be learning to think a different way; this is a self-action course, not a self-help course.  I believe we will be learning many things along this journey and look forward to the change as we chip off the old layers of cement (layers and layers of old conforming conditions that provide the sense of safety through routine, but are actually distractors) to discover the true gold (our true heart’s desire) that was always there.   There’s a hero’s journey in every story (our lives); we’ll get to know who we really are and find the core of passion within ourselves.  I especially look forward to working with the program guides and engaging with this new master mind group of like-minded individuals, supporting and cheering one another as all of us chart and sail our various courses, as Mandino writes, “through perilous waters to new shores of which only yesterday seemed but a dream.”

May Peace Be Our Journey (I’m going to borrow this, Mark. Thanks)

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